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We are ABCS: A full-service, local marketing company

ABCS was founded as a bookkeeping and payroll company in 2008 by Michele McKerrihan with a focus on helping small businesses. The company steadily grew, and in 2014 was joined by Charles Wiegand. Charles brought in his administrative and broadcasting experience to expand ABCS to include marketing as well as other business support services. 

The ABCS offices are located in Ephrata, WA. There are six staff members, and our building is currently being renovated to add additional office space. 

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 We are all familiar with advertising. Simply put it is taking a product and showing that product to potential customers, such as putting your name on a billboard on the highway. 

Advertising is an important part of what we do, but it is only a part. Below we will explain the difference. 

Advertising is putting your name on this billboard.
Advertising is putting your name on this billboard.

advertising is like shouting your name on a street corner

Marketing is deciding what to shout, and which street corner to shout it on

The ABCS marketing strategy starts by determining the following things: 

  • What is the product? 
  • Who are the customers? 
  • How can the product be packaged?
  • Where do we apply our advertising efforts in the market place?

Answering all the above questions in a cohesive and comprehensive way is "marketing."

what we do

We are a full-service marketing company


The full-service part of that means that we take care of every aspect of the marketing process. We will be taking the photos. Filming the ads. Editing the videos. Putting in the professional-sounding voice and graphics. We write the press releases. We create and put up social media posts. 

Our job is to package the content in a way that works for all the different platforms out there, and to strategize on where to reach those potential customers in the marketplace. 

So, what is the "market place?"

regional outlets in the market place

Broadcast Radio and TV


 A reliable and wide-reaching platform, radio and television advertisements are a good way of reaching large numbers of people.

Local News and Entertainment Outlets


Local news and entertainment outlets reach thousands of community-minded people that would respond strongly to outreach from a member of their own neighborhood. 

Online Internet Platforms


The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd most popular websites within 25 miles in the United States are Google, YouTube and FaceBook. Online advertising will be a critical part of any marketing plan. 

Use Your Imagination and Engage the Community!


There are many ways in which you can reach out to the community. 

  • Press releases
  • Local forums and outlets
  • Travel magazines
  • Charity auctions 
  • Corporate outreach
  • Engagement with the Chamber of Commerce
  • Offering seasonal or holiday specials
  • Publicizing special events

The question you need to ask your self is this: What do you want the local community to know about your business or service?

CREATE A SET OF goals and FORMULATE A budget

It's time to get your name out to the community!

Advertising is not something that can be done once. It is something that must be constantly pursued and engaged in to be effective. 

What are your marketing goals? 

Does your company or group need to become more well known in general? Do you want to increase the sales of certain products? Do you want people to take advantage of specials?

Determine what your marketing goals and priorities are. 

What is your marketing budget? 

The US Small Business Administration recommends spending between 1% and 10% of the gross. There are other great bits of information on what kind of budget you should consider when it comes to marketing.  You can read the article here:

Please look at your budget and make a list of your marketing goals. Get in contact with ABCS using the contact information below, and we will prepare a free-of-charge marketing plan for your company or group. 

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